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OpenEVSE V5.5 Wi-Fi charging for an electric car

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The Open EVSE V5.5 Wi-Fi system is a 6A-40A single-phase regulated electric vehicle charger. This device belongs to the category of universal and can be effectively operated on any electric vehicles. OPEN EVSE is the largest manufacturer with facilities in the USA, brand products are known far beyond the borders of the country and are a symbol of quality, reliability and durability.

Features of Open EVSE V5.5 Wi-Fi

The work of the charging station is carried out according to the SAE J1772 and IEC protocols, which are accepted all over the world. The safety system is designed in accordance with SAE J1772, Ul and NEC standards, which includes monitoring of load, ground, leakage, temperature and relay sticking, as well as intelligent parameter adjustment. If necessary, all the listed functions can be disabled using an intuitive menu.

OPEN EVSE has an LCD that shows power consumption data as well as charger status information. Using the screen, the owner gets quick access to the settings.

The charging mode is controlled by two parameters: time (in quarter-hour increments) and kWh (in 1 kWh increments). Another advantage is the ability of the system to self-diagnose before each connection.

Charging can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. In this mode, control, configuration and monitoring of parameters is available.

Benefits of Open EVSE V5.5 Wi-Fi Charging

This charging system has many advantages, in particular it is worth noting:

  • ease of use;
  • absolute security;
  • convenience;
  • universality;
  • compactness.

By purchasing OPEN EVSE, you get a kit that is completely ready for use. In addition, in our company you can order a kit for self-assembly.

Producing country USA
Color White
State New
Built-in fuse So
Input Voltage 220 V
Type of connectors Tupe 1
Degree of IP protection щщ

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