Repair of SRS Airbag units
1 000 uah

In stock
Repair of BMW FRM3 blocks
1 500 uah

The BMW FRM3 block performs a very important task - it controls the operation of lighting, locks, mirror drives. This is a very sensitive device that reacts sharply to any problems. Repair of BMW FRM3 blocks is a service demanded by our company's customers. In the course of carrying out restoration measures, we carefully study the device and diagnose its slightest malfunctions.Why repair of BMW FRM3 blocks should be entrusted to usCarry out repair of BMW FRM3 blocks at the hardware and software level.Use the latest equipment to restore the functionality of the element.Diagnose the exact cause of the breakdown, which allows us to guarantee the absence of "relapses".Fix problems as soon as possible. Likewise, we accept blocks sent through the carrier.The failure of the BMW FRM3 block is most often associated with mechanical damage to the case or a software failure. Our employees carefully study the condition of the device, find a breakdown and fix it. You can also consult with them on how to prevent problems with the block in the future. DeCodeR masters restore airbag systems, dashboards, and other BMW electronics.

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Repair and firmware of control units Audi, VW
5 000 uah

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Error removal in Volvo mild hybrid MVBM 32301105
8 000 uah 12 000 uah

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Repair of VAG Hybrid/E-tron BMS control units
5 000 uah 10 000 uah

In stock
Debug in VAG ELV MQB blocks
8 000 uah

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Even the most modern and high-quality car needs repair of car electronics from time to time. Of course, it is better to do all the work in a service center using original spare parts and software, specifically for your car model.

Causes of problems with car electronics

  • Wiring problems;

  • Failure of individual components or the entire electronic device;

  • Incorrect operation;

  • Refusal from preventive examinations in service stations.

Why is it important to contact specialists?

The newer the car model, the more complex its electronic filling. If you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to correct the malfunctions that have arisen, then there is a high risk of permanently breaking it.

Repairing electronics in a car is becoming a daunting task. Entrust her decision to "non-specialists" not recommended, because you may encounter when a small breakdown led to a major expensive repair of all the electronics in your car.

A professional with a high level of qualification will save your nerves, time and money.

If you need professional auto electronics repair in Kyiv, contact the Decoder service center.

We offer:

  • High-quality flashing and repair of regular radios and electronics of VAG cars;

  • Affordable prices;

  • Efficiency;

  • Warranty after the repair.

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