Repair of car speedometers and odometers
3 000 uah

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Cleaning VW and Skoda dashboards
5 000 uah

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Keys on the dashboard in the car interior do not work? No reaction from the system or is there physical damage? The "Decoder" service center will help you. in Kyiv. The master will fix any problem quickly and reliably.

Problems with the dashboard can be associated with various reasons:

  • Deformed buttons stick;

  • Structural defects make themselves felt;

  • Disrupted operation of microcircuits in the electronic sector;

  • The contacts at the input stick;

  • The processor overheats;

  • Condensers, resistors and many other things failed.

The easiest thing is to clean the sticky buttons. But, as a rule, difficulties are deeper, without the participation of a master. In this case, you should not waste your nerves and time, just order a professional repair of the car's device panel.

Where to order car instrument panel repair services in Kyiv?

Contact specialists through the website of the service center: decoder.ua. Here you will receive professional assistance. You can order repairs by phone on the website.

Service prices are available to everyone. We will be glad to help with the repair of your vehicle!

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