OpenEVSE V5.5 Wi-Fi charging for an electric car
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Repair of chargers for electric cars
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SimpleEVSE control board
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Electric cars entered our lives relatively recently, but environmentally friendly and comfortable cars are becoming very popular. More and more drivers are switching from gasoline models to electric ones. The demand is especially high in big cities – by electric car it is convenient to get to work or school, go shopping in the middle of the city.

The geography of distribution of electric cars is growing, and with it the need of drivers to buy special chargers for electric cars. This device will provide fast and reliable recharging of the car at any time.

Buy a charger for an electric car at a reliable service center. You will receive both a guarantee and a reliably working device.

Advantages of a charging gadget:

  • Economy of time and money for standard refueling of an electric car.

  • Environment and comfort

  • An opportunity to charge other drivers.

If you don't have your own energy source, you can visit transit charging points. They are located at gas stations (not all), in car parks and enterprises, at retailers, in parking lots and business centers. But can you name many places where there are such stations? And own charging for an electric car will solve this problem.

You can buy a charger for an electric car on the website of the service center: Decoder.ua. The catalog presents several variants of tested devices. Prices for chargers, electric charging stations – the most affordable in Kyiv.

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