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Repair of SRS Airbag units

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Repair and firmware of SRS airbag blocks of any cars, including USA models.

Clearing errors, erasing Crash data.

Removal of errors of the steering wheel sensors, removal of errors of the AUDI BMS unit

You can send the block for repair by New mail or come in person.

AirBag or airbag system is present in all modern cars. When they are triggered, it is forbidden to use the machine, they need to be replaced.

If a lamp appears on the instrument panel, indicating a malfunction of the system elements, you will definitely need to flash the SRS Airbag unit and reset the crash date.

Re-flashing the SRS unit in Kyiv can be ordered from “Decoder”.

The specialist will carry out the necessary diagnostic work, reflash the system, reset the crash information from the SRS unit.

SRS Airbag has several blocks:

  • electronics;
  • sensors;
  • Pillows for safety.

When an accident occurs, the SRS system reacts instantly. The sensors signal from which side the impact was made and activate the system.

The control unit receives information regarding damage. After that, the system is blocked, and information will appear on the dashboard that the SRS has worked. Operation in this case is unacceptable, even if there seems to be no damage.

The firmware of the SRS unit and the price of the service depends on a number of factors. But you should definitely understand that the cost of the firmware will be much less than if you buy a new system.

Deadline 1 day
Features of the service Post-repair warranty

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