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Repair and firmware of control units Audi, VW

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Repair and firmware of control units VW, Audi, Porshe, Bentley

Repair and firmware of AUDI BCM2 units, cloning, IMMO transfer data, firmware update.

Repair and firmware of VAG ECU units (engine control units), cloning, IMMO data transfer, synchronization, recovery after failed firmware, immo- off

Repair and firmware of  VAG TCU units (DSG control unit, multitronic)

Repair and firmware of VAG units CCM (VAG comfort unit)

Repair and firmware of  AUDI ELV units (steering lock control unit)

Repair and flashing of VW EZS units (VW Crafter steering lock control unit)

Cloning of control boards ECU, TCU, ELV, EZS, BCM2 after replacement, transfer of all VIN data, immo (eeprom, flash)

ALL ECU VAG MEDC17(ME17/MED17/EDC17) clone, adaptation, i mmo-off, BCM2 clone, CCM clone, adaptation

The removed block can be brought in person or sent by Nova Poshta.

A modern and reliable car today is controlled by an on-board computer, sometimes not one, but several. Sooner or later, any car owner may need to repair automotive electronic control units.

Repair of automotive electronic control units for Audi and VW may be required if individual elements burn out or become completely inoperable.

If problems persist, repairs can be more expensive, so it's best to contact a service center as soon as a problem occurs.

How are control units repaired?

During the diagnostic process, the wizard finds out the causes of the malfunction. Diagnostics of the control unit can be not only software, but also physical.

After that, the optimal decision is made, because it happens that it is cheaper to replace the entire block than to repair it.

If you need repair of control units in the city of Kyiv, you can use the services of our company “Decoder”.

Our specialists can help with flashing the control unit. It may be required to change individual parameters set by the manufacturer.

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