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Repair of AUDI MMI, MIB, MIB2, processing from USA to EU

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Restoring the performance of a car multimedia system is a task that is best left to professionals. We repair AUDI MMI, MIB, MIB2, and recycling from the USA to EU is also very popular. If you brought a car from America and want to make it fully consistent with the features of our region, contact the DeCodeR masters. They can easily solve all problems.

Restoration and repair of AUDI MMI, MIB, MIB2 systems

  • Repair of multimedia systems Audi MMI, MIB, MIB2 includes the elimination of software and hardware errors.
  • Reworking the region from the USA to EU allows you to Russify the menu, add local frequencies to the radio.
  • All restoration activities are carried out without prejudice to the settings of the car's electronics.
  • We service AUDI of different models and years of manufacture. We update the firmware and add navigation maps to the system.

To repair AUDI MMI, MIB, MIB2 and recycle the device from America to Europe, you can deliver it to us or send it by mail. Some types of work can be done without removing the device. Our experts thoroughly know the features of the electronics of modern cars and easily solve problems of high complexity.

Audi MMI, Audi MMI 3G, Audi MMI 3G+. MMI 3G High

Audi VW Skoda MIB, MIB2

 Audi A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 Q3 Q5 Q7 Q8

MIB MIB High 2 plus

mmi mmi3g mmi3g plus

Q7 - 4M 2015-2018 model year

Q7-4L 2006-2015 model year

Q5 - 8FY 2017-2018 model year

Q5 - 8R 2010-2017 model year

Q3 - 8U 2011-2018 release

A8 - 4H 2010-2017 model year

A7 - 4G 2010-2018 release

A6 - 4G 2010-2018 release

A5 - F5 2016-2018 model year

A5 - 8T 2008-2016 model year

A4 - 8W B9 2016-2018 model year

A4 - 8K B8 2008-2016 model year

A3 - 8V 2012-2018 release

A1 - 8X 2011-2018 model year

Deadline 1 day
Features of the service Post-repair warranty

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