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Repair and firmware update for car radios VW RNS-510, Skoda Columbus

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Our employees carry out professional repair of car radios RNS-510, Columbus. We are one of the few on the market who can repair such multimedia devices with a guarantee. The vast experience and high professionalism of specialists allow us to successfully eliminate various hardware and software defects in the operation of car radios.

What is included in the repair of car radios RNS-510, Columbus

Changing the factory-installed region of the radio (USA, Korea, Canada, Japan).

Updating the firmware and installing the latest navigation maps of the required versions.

DVD drive laser cleaning, restoration of equipment from almost any condition.

Extending the life of the radio, providing a guarantee for repair work.

If your radio tape recorder stopped working at all or started to function with errors, bring or send it to our masters with a transport company. We will quickly fix problems, update the software and make the use of your multimedia device as comfortable as possible. We value the time of our clients and work in a short time. Furthermore, we service all popular cars of European and Asian production in Ukraine.

Deadline 1 day
Features of the service Post-repair warranty
  • 16 November 2022

    Швидко відремонтували магнітолу, оновили прошивку, дякую!

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