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Repair of Porsche car radios

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Porsche cars are very popular in Ukraine. This is a premium brand whose products combine high reliability, ease of management and extensive multimedia capabilities. Even a very careful owner may need to repair a Porsche car receiver - no one can predict what will cause the device to fail. Our specialists are ready to perform restoration work in the shortest possible time and at an adequate cost.

Advantages of repair of Porsche car receivers by our masters

  • Repair of radios is performed by experienced craftsmen with the necessary qualifications and appropriate technical means.
  • We employ regular multimedia devices installed in Porsche cars of all popular models.
  • The repair service includes troubleshooting both the hardware of the radio and software.
  • It is not necessary to carry the device for repair, you can order delivery through the transport company.

More and more Porsche owners are entrusting DeCodeR specialists with car radio repair. We are proud of the professionalism of our staff and the high quality of our work. Our masters undertake to restore radios in any condition.

  • Porsche Cayenne PCM2.1
  • Porsche Cayenne PCM3.1
  • Cayman, Boxter
  • PCM E1
  • PCM 2 E1
  • Cayenne PCM2.1 E1
Deadline 1 day
Features of the service Post-repair warranty

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