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Repair of BMW CCC main devices

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DeCodeR employees perform high-quality repairs of BMW CCC headunits. These are the key components of multimedia that ensure the functioning of the entire entertainment system of the machine. If such a device fails, using the car becomes less comfortable and interesting. We are ready to eliminate the breakdown of the main component as soon as possible and at an adequate cost.

Professional repair of BMW CCC headunits in DeCodeR

Professional repair of BMW CCC headunits of all versions.

We approach the problem individually, determine the most effective way to solve it.

We eliminate breakdowns at the hardware and software level, provide a guarantee.

We value every client, so we always work quickly and efficiently.

You do not need to personally take the main device for your car to Kyiv to receive the repair service. We accept defective devices through the carrier and send them to the customer in the same way after recovery. DeCodeR has been on the market for many years, and our craftsmen have established themselves well with owners of foreign cars of various levels, including the premium segment.

Features of the service Post-repair warranty

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