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Repair of standard radios Bentley, Phaeton

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We accept orders for the repair of standard receivers Bentley, VW Phaeton. These are premium segment cars, which are also found on Ukrainian roads. The multimedia capabilities of a car are very important for its owner. And the failure of the head unit is always unpleasant. Our experienced craftsmen will be able to solve such a problem. They easily troubleshoot both hardware and software problems.

Professional repair of standard receivers Bentley, VW Phaeton

  • We are engaged in repair of regular radio tape recorders of any models Bentley, VolksWagen Phaeton.
  • We eliminate technical problems, perform cleaning and restoration of the drive.
  • We solve problems related to the incorrect operation of the software, update the firmware, remove the block.
  • We change the region from USA to EU, install navigation maps, Russify the menu.

If you own a Bentley or VW Phaeton, we recommend entrusting the repair of the head unit to DeCodeR employees. We employ real experts in the field of maintenance of multimedia equipment used in modern premium segment cars. We repair radios quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. You can bring the defective device yourself or send it through a carrier.

Deadline 1 day
Features of the service Post-repair warranty

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