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Firmware, language and region change Audi MIB3 NAR

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We are changing the region, adding Russian and Ukrainian languages to the menu and paired radio frequencies for Audi MIB3 NAR headunits.

Did you buy a new Audi from the USA, Canada, Korea or Europe? Congratulations on your purchase, great choice! It remains to do something for additional driving comfort. Many drivers require additional configuration of the on-board computer with translation into Russian or Ukrainian.

Audi Russification service in Kyiv is available for everyone. Order the service on the website: decoder.ua.

Cars made in Europe are distinguished by factory navigation in foreign languages. There is always an opportunity to carry out work on adaptation for a Russian-speaking driver. The diagnostic wizard will reprogram the system and install the original navigation.

The driver will eventually receive a full range of Russification of the car system:

  • Output information on the on-board computer display;
  • Navigator map in Russian;
  • Even frequencies on the radio
  • Data entry in Russian – any target or route;
  • Saving the necessary data in the memory of the on-board computer;
  • Display information about maneuvers in advance on the dashboard;
  • Information about the current location of the machine and more.

You can order Russification for any Audi model.

Do you need Russification of Audi MMI MIB2? Or urgently need to Russify the Audi A4 B8? Please contact us, we will promptly complete the task of updating all options. Your navigation system will work in Russian or Ukrainian.

The service is also available for other Audi models, for example:

  • Russification mmi Audi Q5;
  • Russification mmi Audi A6 C7 and others.

It's affordable, convenient and simple. Call us or leave a request on the website: decoder.ua. The answer will be provided as soon as possible.

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