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Firmware, change of region, language, repair of all RNS-315 NAR models

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If a non-Russian RNS-315 radio tape recorder is installed in your car, changing the region will help solve this problem. Entrust it to DeCodeR specialists. They will add the Russian language and even frequencies. Now you will be able to navigate through the maps of Eastern Europe. We carry out all manipulations in the shortest possible time and provide a guarantee.

Complete change of region for RNS-315 radio tape recorders

  • The change of region includes the addition of even frequencies of our local radio stations, Russian language in the menu and maps.
  • Our specialists are among the few masters who can handle the flashing of the RNS-315 series radio tape recorders.
  • We install the newest and stable version of the software, guarantee the smooth operation of the device.
  • Ready to perform all manipulations without the presence of the customer. To do this, you need to send the radio through the carrier company.

Changing the region, adding the Russian language and navigation to the RNS-315 radio is a popular service among car owners brought from the USA. We can easily prepare a multimedia system for operation in our country. We perform work quickly and efficiently, we solve problems of any complexity.

Does your car need a language change? Contact the service center: Decoder.ua. Here you will be provided with full technical support.

For Volkswagen cars, we reconfigure the programming unit and navigation RNS 315 NAR. Work on the Russification of VW is carried out in the city of Kyiv.

Russification of VW Passat B6 and other models is necessary if you need an efficient navigator and on-board computer. Agree, it is inconvenient and even dangerous for anyone to drive a car with German or other voice guidance, as well as a map.

Masters in diagnostics know everything about the specifics of German and American cars of the VAG group.

A service related to Russification and firmware is available for Volkswagen:

  • Volkswagen RNS 315 navigation map update;
  • Firmware update RNS 315;
  • Removing unnecessary options, if any, and so on;

For Volkswagen RNS 315 there are regular updates of official firmware and maps. Your navigator will work perfectly.

How to order a firmware service?

If you urgently need Russification VW RNS 315 NAR – call us or send an application on the website: Decoder.ua. Many clients have already used the service of the masters, and were very satisfied.

The advantages of our service:

  • Quick installation of updates and Russification – within 1-2 days (depending on the load).
  • Quality assurance and equipment performance. It is difficult to set up this function on your own, you can violate the system architecture and introduce errors. Don't take risks.
  • You will receive the latest RNS 315 firmware update, a perfectly working navigator and the latest version of maps of Eastern Europe which includes Ukraine.
Deadline 1 day
Features of the service Post-repair warranty

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